Jinjer Unveil Video for Deeply Personal Song “Retrospection”: Watch

The Ukrainian band embarks on a North American tour in April

Jinjer Retrospection Video

Ukrainian metal band Jinjer are gearing up for a North American headlining tour with Suicide Silence and Toothgrinder. Prior to launching the trek, the group has released a new music video for their song “Retrospection,” which appears on the band’s Macro LP.

The passionate song begins with vocalist Tatiana Shmayluk singing in Ukrainian before switching over to English.

Musically, “Retrospection” is extremely dynamic, switching from quiet moments to brutal riffing in an instant. As far as the subject, the song is about something very personal: family. In a statement, the band offers the following description about the song:

“‘Retrospection’ is one of the most personal songs we have ever written. Being a full-time touring musician, spending most of the time on the road … of course we are making our biggest dream come true and living each day to the fullest, but nobody mentions that there is a dark side. We do not see people who devoted themselves to us entirely, who gave us everything they had and more… We miss them and they miss us in return, and yet we should call them more often … much more often than we do. I am talking about our parents.

For most of the Jinjers, our parents are separated from us not only by distance, but also by war and politics. We don’t have an opportunity to visit our parents even when we are in Ukraine. And it feels like they are on the other side of the planet even if we are literally only 800 km away. The worst thing is that, now being in our 30s, year after year, it feels like the storm clouds are gathering above. We all know that the day will come when we will feel alone all of a sudden … and we will lose them. The people, but for whom we’d never make it. The bitter taste of understanding this is almost unbearable.”

We look at this song as an anthem to the ones who raised us, who sacrificed everything for the sake of our happiness no matter what the costs, even despite our own thankless and ingratitude towards them. The people who showed us that the purest love ever does exist — the love of the father and mother for their children. Thank you.”

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Read Heavy Consequence’s Beyond the Boys’ Club column featuring an interview with Tatiana Shmayluk. Jinjer’s aforementioned North American tour kick off in April. Pick up tickets here.

Watch the video for “Retrospection” below.

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