Kash Doll’s Viral TikTok Track Turned Into New Single “Wake Up”: Stream

A new offering ahead of her upcoming "Dollhouse Tour"

Kash Doll wake up new song music tiktok tour, photo by Michael Lavine

Kash Doll has plenty of hits under her belt, but one of the rapper’s most famous deliveries occurs not on a track, but on a viral clip-turned-spinoff TikTok trend where someone’s caught sleeping and denying it. Now, Kash Doll has turned that into an actual single dubbed “Wake Up”.

In our recent interview, Kash Doll said one of the most important things to remember as a rapper is to “keep your morals and dignity in this game.” Thankfully, she knows there’s a difference between having a sense of humor and staying strictly serious. That’s why the same artist who put out the emotionally vulnerable and incisive Stacked is behind a tongue-in-cheek single like this one.

“Wake Up” opens with the iconic, standoffish, confrontational quips of Kash Doll’s popular TikTok clip. From there, she launches into rapped verses about being woke, wealthy, and at the top of her game — all evidence of what you can accomplish if you wake up early. The whole thing plays out over the constant clicking of a bomb counter ticking. Stream it below.

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Next month, Kash Doll will kick off her upcoming “Dollhouse Tour” across the US. Come springtime, she will make a pitstop in Detroit for a live performance at Movement: Electronic Music Festival. Grab tickets to all of her upcoming concerts here.


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