Louis C.K. Announces Stand-Up Comedy Tour

Luckily for people who are into lazy humor, the comedian is bringing his blind entitlement on the road

Louis C.K. tour stand-up standup comedy live 2020
Louis C.K.

Defamed edgelord Louis C.K. is trying to revive his comedy career despite confirming the five accusations of sexual misconduct made against him. His recent sets see him making ill-advised rape jokes and mocking Parkland survivors. Luckily for people who are into lazy humor, Louis C.K. is bringing his blind entitlement on the road in what he’s mislabeling as a “stand-up comedy tour”.

The tour dates stretch from tonight in Denver, Colorado on through May 23nd in Copenhagen, Denmark. Along the way, he will take the stage live in major cities like Phoenix, Philadelphia, New Brunswick, Knoxville, Syracuse, Boston, and Berlin. Find his entire schedule below.

While his victims suffered trauma for years after his actions, C.K. considers himself the victim of his own constant masturbation because the fallout of such cause him to “[lose] $35 million in an hour.” Weird he would go back to the comedy community for money instead of, I don’t know, getting a different job. But then again, he’s clearly convinced that there’s still people who want to hear him, particularly the “black people” who “stuck by him” because they get it.

On his website, Louis C.K. summarized what this tour is all about in rather minimal terms. “I am on the road doing professional stand-up comedy,” he wrote. “Which consists of sharing jokes, stories, observations, lies, non-lies, and being generally ridiculous for the benefit of a laughing audience.”

Louis C.K. has also noted that his “full site” will be back before the end of the year. “You will be able to buy and download all of my shows like before, along with a few new things,” he wrote. In other words, he can profit off his bad ideas once again, and viewers can revisit the tasteless things he’s said under the guise of comedy. Though if you want to hear sophomoric edgy jokes and other vaguely familiar drivel, there’s always free websites run by his peers like the tweens at 4chan.

If you’re still dying to hear clichéd cracks at gender-neutral pronouns and incredibly tasteless Auschwitz jokes by a guy who issued a copyright notice to protect his profoundly unoriginal “jokes”, then you can grab tickets to his upcoming tour dates here.

Louis C.K. 2020 Tour Dates: 
02/20 — Denver, CO @ Buell Theater
02/21 — Phoenix, AZ @ Orpheum Theater
02/22 — Phoenix, AZ @ Orpheum Theater
02/23 — Phoenix, AZ @ Orpheum Theater
02/24 — Tucson, AZ @ Orpheum Theater
03/04 — New Brunswick, NJ @ State Theatre
03/05 — New Brunswick, NJ @ State Theatre
03/06 — Philadelphia, PA @ The Met (early show)
03/06 — Philadelphia, PA @ The Met (late show)
03/07 — Washington, DC @ Warner Theater
03/08– Washington, DC @ Warner Theater
03/09 — Knoxville, TN @ Knoxville Civic Auditorium
03/10 — Albany, NY @ The Egg
03/28 — Binghamton, NY @ Broome County Forum Theatre
03/29 — Syracuse, NY @ Crouse Hinds Theater at Oncenter
04/03 — Boston, MA @ Orpheum Theatre
04/04 — Boston, MA @ Orpheum Theatre
05/14 — Kiev, UA @ Palace Ukraine
05/15 — Kiev, UA @ Palace Ukraine
05/18 — Bucharest, RO @ Sala Palatului (early show)
05/18 — Bucharest, RO @ Sala Palatului (late show)
05/20 — Berlin, DE @ Mercedes-Benz Arena
05/23 — Copenhagen, DK @ Royal Arena