M.I.A. announces Patreon account, promising new projects

Including "random surprise content" from the artist

M.I.A. Patreon Account New Music Homework Manager
M.I.A., photo by Ben Kaye

M.I.A. has launched her own Patreon account with plans to share new creative endeavors, music, and more.

For those unfamiliar, Patreon is a membership-based platform, giving fans the chance to get exclusive content from artists (at various price points). The singer’s new page already features behind-the-scenes studio footage, including a clip with Skrillex, and apparently will host livestreams, Q&As, and other “random surprise content,” she said in a press release.

“I’m doing a Patreon, because I make so much stuff and record so many things that aren’t music and don’t fit on other platforms,” M.I.A. stated. “I’ve tried all the other platforms and it’s like: this one is too mean and hateful, this one is too fake and self-obsessed, and this one just sells all your data to Cambridge Analytica…Hopefully, this one is going to be just right.”

M.I.A. aims to keep fans on their toes with her content, offering ideas that range anywhere from “a song, a recipe, a manifesto, maybe I could help you with your homework, you guys could be my manager for a day, tell me what to do with my career, therapy sessions, dating advice, we’ll see what happens.”

M.I.A.’s last full LP AIM arrived in 2016, followed by a handful of standalone singles. In 2018 following the release of her documentary MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A., the singer claimed she was quitting music altogether. In an interview, she said she was fed up with the industry, and though she loved writing music, “obviously I’m not motivated to put it through the system.” Looks like she’s now found the right platform. Also earlier this month, she received an M.B.E. from Prince William recognizing her “services to music.” That could’ve been partial incentive to get back to it as well.

Check out M.I.A.’s new Patreon page for full details.