Melkbelly Stew Inside a “Humid Heart” on New Song: Stream

The latest single from the former Artist of the Month's new album, PITH

Melkbelly Humid Heart music video new single tickets

Chicago’s own Melkbelly return this spring with a new album, PITH. The sophomore effort follows 2017’s Nothing Valley, which earned the band an Artist of the Month nod. Ahead of the new album’s April 3rd release, the noise-rockers previously shared the single “LCR”. Now, they’re back with “Humid Heart”.

A song “about how the grief of losing someone suddenly disorients everyday life,” “Humid Heart” is adrift in a mesh of interlocking bass and guitar. The chords seem to link up and split on a whim, the aural equivalent of that push-pull of normality that comes with sudden loss. It all comes to a head in the final freakout, which ends like an abrupt snap back to reality.

The track comes with a video from Weird Life Films, who said of the clip,

“For “Humid Heart,’ we wanted to let the mood and tone of the song guide our direction, rather than forcing anything too specific into the video. Loosely based upon the notion of going through everyday life with any sort of heightened emotions can weigh someone down, we followed our hearts and that of the song and fell down a rabbit hole. That being said, we have no regrets.”

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Check out the “Humid Heart” video below.


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