Monsta X Release New English-Language Album All About Luv: Stream

The K-pop group's first time recording entirely in English

Monsta X All About Luv ALbum stream
Monsta X

Monsta X have today released their new album All About Luv, their first-ever English-language full-length. Stream it below via Apple Music or Spotify.

With their mix of pop and R&B, Monsta X have been teasing the record for some months. They dropped “Who Do U Love?” featuring French Montana way back in June, followed by “Love U” in September and October’s “Someone’s Someone”. When they formally announced the LP in December, they also shared the single “Middle of the Night”.

In addition to being the group’s first English album, it’s their first release since becoming a sextet. Former member Wonho “amicably” departed the band in October, shortly after the release of their Follow: Find You EP. The singer’s “crimes” were making a subtle #MeToo joke during a fan meet-and-greet interview, and allegedly borrowing money from a friend and not paying it back. These may seem like non-issues to American audiences, but K-pop acts are expected to project an air of wholesomeness and purity at all times, and topics like sexual assault are still largely taboo in South Korean culture.

As far as we can tell, Wonho appears on the All About Luv tracks. After he left Monsta X, the group’s management company, Starship Entertainment, pledged to “hold legal liability” for the “malicious and distorted claims” made against him.

For now, Monsta X remains a six-piece, and you can see them live on their forthcoming North American tour by getting tickets here.

All About Luv Artwork:
Monsta X All About Luv Artwork