Grimes Shares New Album Miss_Anthrop0cene: Stream

The long-awaited follow-up to 2015's Art Angels

Grimes New Album Miss_Anthrop0cene Miss Anthropocene Stream
Grimes, photo by Russell Linnetz

Grimes has shared her new album Miss_Anthrop0ceneStream it below via Apple Music or Spotify.

This is the long-awaited follow-up to the 2015 album Art Angelsalthough the artist born Claire Boucher doesn’t remember that record as fondly as most of her fans. Last year she referred to Art Angels as a “stain on my life.” At the time she had stopped calling herself Grimes altogether, instead preferring “c”, as in the speed of light. Since then she’s become pregnant by her billionaire boyfriend Elon Musk, debuted a new digital avatar called the War Nymph, and spoken at length about her belief that artificial intelligence will make live music obsolete. In other words, the last five years have been full of personal reflection. She’s come out the the other side with Miss_Anthrop0cene, a concept album about an “anthropomorphic Goddess of climate change.”

In his B+ review, our own Grant Sharples wrote,

Grimes has never sounded more sure of herself than on Miss_Anthrop0cene, and this conviction in her ideas and creative outlook largely benefits this record. By consolidating the stylistic elements of her previous two works, Miss_Anthrop0cene lies at the intersections of Grimes’ past experiments while forging something entirely new to her discography. Miss_Anthrop0cene is the perfect Grimes record for 2020, delving into topical themes such as climate change with an eclectic mix of genres. It’s certainly her darkest, most ambitious project yet, and it works on nearly all levels.

Grimes has been previewing Miss_Anthrop0cene with the singles “Violence”, “So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth”, “My Name Is Dark”, “4ÆM”, and “Delete Forever”. Last month, her boyfriend DJ Musk released his musical debut, “Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe”. A few weeks ago, Grimes shared a pretty standard pregnancy makeup routine that included tiger stripes and unibrows.

Miss_Anthrop0cene Artwork:

Grimes - Miss Antropocene

Miss_Anthrop0cene Tracklist:
01. So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth (Algorithm Mix)
02. Darkseid (feat. 潘PAN)
03. Delete Forever
04. Violence (feat. i_o)
05. 4ÆM
06. New Gods
07. My Name is Dark (Algorithm Mix)
08. You’ll miss me when I’m not around
09. Before the fever
10. IDORU (Algorithm Mix)