THICK Unleash New Single “Bumming Me Out”: Stream

The accompanying video captures an increasingly weird sleepover party

Thick Bumming Me Out New Song Single Music Video Stream Watch
THICK in video for “Bumming Me Out”

With their debut album Five Years Behind dropping next month, the Brooklyn punk trio THICK have shared a new single, “Bumming Me Out”.

The song captures a weariness that will be familiar to any news-reading American. “Bumming Me Out” opens with the line, “Never knew I’d be so tired fighting for what I believe,” and it’s all uphill from there. The subject matter is full of bummers, but THICK take them in stride with indomitable pep and pop-punk attitude.

Nic Henry directed the accompanying music video, which was filmed in the childhood bedroom of guitarist/vocalist Nikki Sisti. The visuals follow the three women throughout an increasingly weird sleepover party. Childhood nostalgia mixes with surrealist fantasies, and a plastic hamburger phone gives way to pranks, pillow fights, off-putting makeup, and one seriously chill skeleton wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

In a statement, the band explained how the video came about.

“It’s one of our more vulnerable songs lyrically, so it was important to inject the video with some playfulness. We collaborated on the concept with Nic Henry. He had wanted to introduce the ‘Chill Reaper’ character for a while, so we worked him into the slumber party story, as the night gets weirder and weirder. We constructed the set in Nikki’s bedroom as a throwback to our own bedrooms growing up, so there’s also a sense of nostalgia throughout.”

Check out “Bumming Me Out” below.

Five Years Behind drops March 6th via Epitaph. Previously, THICK shared the title track. In April, THICK is hitting the road to support The Chats on their North American tour. Tickets are available here.