Lower Dens’ Jana Hunter on Trans Representation on Stage

Plus, first concerts, last year's The Competition, and touring with Of Monsters and Men

This Must Be the Gig - Lower Dens' Jana Hunter
This Must Be the Gig – Lower Dens’ Jana Hunter

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    Coming to you live from the green room at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom, nestled up tight next to the L train tracks, this week we’re excited to share a conversation with Jana Hunter of Lower Dens. The Baltimore band’s take on indie pop has been adored since 2010 debut Twin-Hand Movement, and last year’s incredible The Competition pushes that momentum into a higher plane of love and protection of the outcast and vulnerable.

    In this chat, Jana and I discuss queer and trans representation on stage, the first concert he ever saw, touring with Of Monsters and Men, and navigating the industry while staying true to intensely personal social and political messages.

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