Alice Phoebe Lou Shares New Song “Witches”: Stream

Her first single since dropping her 2019 album Paper Castles

Alice Phoebe Lou Witches New Song Music Video Stream
Alice Phoebe Lou, “Witches” music video

    Almost exactly a year after releasing her ethereal album Paper Castles, former Artist of the Month Alice Phoebe Lou has returned with a new single, “Witches”.

    “Witches” sets itself apart from her previous gentle soundscapes with quick-driving drums that came here to kick ass. “I’m one of those witches, babe,” Lou croons over intoxicating synths. “Just don’t try to save me/ I don’t want to be saved.”

    Lou filmed the accompanying music video with director Jascha Hase, and designed the visuals to look like they were playing on a neon-lined cellphone screen. It intercuts performance clips with montages of tour life, celebrating the boring moments, the goofiness, the changing locales, and a great sense of kinship for those with whom she travels. Check out the video for “Witches” below.

    Last spring, Alice Phoebe Lou performed her song “Galaxies” with Game of Thrones-star Maisie Williams.

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