Angel Olsen Covers Roxy Music’s “More Than This”: Watch

It's an emotional take on the easy-listening classic

Angel Olsen Cover Roxy Music More Than This

Angel Olsen has uploaded a new cover of “More Than This”, the 1982 smooth-rock classic by Roxy Music.

In its original form, “More Than This” is an easy-listening treat, with gentle synths and toe-tapping percussion. But Olsen highlights the melancholic lyrics, pitching the first verse just above a whisper before launching with urgency into the chorus. She pleads and wails as she sings, “More than this!”, allowing a tremble into her voice. It’s an emotional twist on an old standard. Check out the video below.

Last fall, Angel Olsen released her mesmerizing new album All Mirrors, one of our Top 100 Albums of the 2010s. Like everyone else, her tour schedule is in a state of flux over the coronavirus pandemic, but she still has plenty of dates on the calendar for later in the year. Tickets can be found here.

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