Cardi B Delays New Music Due to Coronavirus

The New York rapper also says she wants to move to Antarctica to avoid the pandemic

cardi b music delay coronavirus
Cardi B ready to move to Antarctica because of coronavirus

Those waiting for a new Cardi B single will unfortunately have to wait a little longer. According to the rapper, the release of her new music has been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Cardi revealed the disappointing news on Twitter early Thursday during an exchange with a fan. “Where’s the single?!?” the person inquired, to which she replied, “It’s delay due to the virus.”

The Invasion of Privacy artist has been noticeably shaken up by all of the COVID-19 news. In a video posted to Instagram on Tuesday, she said, “I ain’t gonna front, a bitch is scared… sh*t got me panicking.”

Cardi followed up with a similarly frenzied video last night in which she claimed she was moving to Antarctica — still the only continent that’s coronavirus-free. “I’ll make sure I say Hi to Santa Claus for yaaaa,” the New York rapper captioned the clip. “Bitch, sh*t just hit the fan!”

Cardi’s last proper single, “Press”, dropped back in June 2019. She’s teased a new album for 2020, but with all of the postponements and cancellations related to coronavirus, it’s uncertain whether that timeline is still in play.

In the US, coronavirus has claimed at least 38 deaths, and there are believed to be more than 1000 confirmed cases. Worldwide, more than 4,300 have died and more than 120,000 cases confirmed.