CRSSD Festival Attendees Test Positive for Coronavirus

Health officials believe the two individuals were infected before they came to the fest

CRSSD Festival Coronavirus Attendees San Diego

    Two people who attended the CRSSD Festival have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

    The dance music event took place March 7th and 8th in San Diego, CA. On March 17th, city officials informed the festival organizers that two attendees had confirmed cases of COVID-19.

    According to the festival, health officials believe the two individuals were infected before they attended the event

    “Last night it was officially relayed to us by local health authorities that two people who attended CRSSD Festival have tested positive for coronavirus. We wanted to  contact you as soon as this was confirmed. These individuals are believed to have contracted the virus outside of the festival, and currently no cases have been noted to have originated at CRSSD.”

    As of this writing, twelve days have elapsed since the fest took place. According to Harvard Medical School, the incubation time for COVID-19 can be up to 13 days, although the average is about five.

    Musical gatherings from two to three weeks ago have become a constant source of coronavirus anxiety. A 41-year-old man  recently died of the novel strain, and there’s a good chance he contracted the disease at a March 3rd Ghost concert in Mexico City. Before that, one of New Zealand’s first confirmed cases attended a Tool concert on February 28th. Instances like these are why so many arts events are cancelling or postponing, and you can keep up with all the impacted events with our updated list

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