Dave Grohl Says Nirvana Fans’ Hate Made Him Work Harder on Foo Fighters

"It only [made] me wanna fucking do it more"

Dave Grohl Nirvana Hate Motivate Foo Fighters
Dave Grohl, photo by David Brendan Hall

Some Nirvana fans really hated Dave Grohl’s band Foo Fighters when they debuted in the wake of Kurt Cobain’s death. But in a new interview with Mojo magazine, Grohl says the backlash motivated him, and “only made me wanna fucking do it more.”

Via NMEGrohl is quick to admit that his time drumming in Nirvana gave the Foos a leg up. “I’ve never been afraid to say that if it weren’t for Nirvana, the Foo Fighters wouldn’t be in the same position that we’re in now,” he told Mojo. “We had an advantage right out of the gate that there was an interest in the band because of that. I mean, it’s obvious.”

But a loud minority seemed ready to criticize his every move, as Grohl explained.

“They were like, ‘How dare you be in a band again? Your music is fucking shit and that was a real band and you’re not’. It’s like, you really think that’s gonna stop me? It only makes me wanna fucking do it more, y’know. So, you can keep it coming if you want but I don’t give a fuck.”

The Foo Fighters’ beginnings have been on Dave Grohl’s mind this year, as the band celebrates their 25th anniversary. Last month they shared photos of their first show ever, and a few weeks later fans video emerged of Foo Fighters’ fourth performance, which is now the earliest known Foo footage.

During quarantine, Grohl has been penning “True Short Stories” on Instagram. The first installment involved buying the console on which he recorded “Learn to Fly” and a 4th of July gone horribly wrong.

In April the Foos will take part in an All-Star Prince Tribute. Their forthcoming new album is finished, but their 25th anniversary tour got pushed back over coronavirus concerns. Tickets are available here.