Grimes Shares Her Horrifying Diet, Personal Recipe for Butter Toast

"I melt like, a stick of butter"

Grimes Butter Toast Recipe Pregnancy Diet
Grimes, left, and a knob of butter

    In the new video “Everything Grimes Eats During Her Pregnancy”, the Miss Anthrop0cene songwriter shared her lifelong hatred of vegetables, how her diet used to be so poor that her hair stopped growing, and her personal recipe for buttered toast, which involves a staggering amount of one of those two ingredients. (via Harper’s BAZAAR).

    “I make this thing called Butter Toast,” she says, as if perhaps you haven’t heard of it. “I melt like, a stick of butter on a plate. I put toast in it and turn the toast over, so that the toast is completely saturated in butter. Then I put a little bit of jam on it and eat that.”

    Granted, “like, a stick” is not necessarily the same thing as a whole stick, but however much it is, it is certainly too much. Grimes adds that it tastes “actually incredible,” and indeed, it’s easy to imagine how a dash of bread could really liven up a few tablespoons of the good stuff. Her obstetrician probably wouldn’t approve, but then, as Grimes tells it, her pregnancy diet is actually a big improvement on how she used to eat. During the tour promoting Art Angelsshe became actually malnourished.


    “On the last tour for my last record, I had this thing where I was vegan, and I had this thing where I was like the only reliable food was spaghetti. So I was only eating spaghetti for a year or two years. Then I was just so sick and my hair actually stopped growing and I went to the doctor and the doctor was like, you are actually malnourished from not eating vegetables or meat and just eating spaghetti for two years.”

    Now that she’s pregnant, she’s actually introduced fruit into her diet, although, as she says, “I hate fruit.” But not as much as vegetables. “It’s vile. Like broccoli? What the fuck? It’s actually disgusting. I don’t know how anybody eats it.”

    For more of Grimes saying things you perhaps shouldn’t do, including how she goes to bed at 6 am and wakes up at noon, the caffeine jellies she uses to rise and shine, and the “nutritional yeast” sandwich she invented, check out the video below.


    Grimes is carving out a bit of a niche for herself as a perverse lifestyle guru, and in February she shared a wild pregnancy makeup tutorial.

    Last week, Grimes revealed her new music video for “Idoru”.

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