London Uses Coronavirus Closures to Restore Abbey Road Crosswalk

It had been looking pretty rough in recent years

Abbey Road Repainted The Beatles Coronavirus

After years of neglect, the city of London has finally restored the crosswalk paint on Abbey Road (via UCR). Somewhat ironically, we have coronavirus to thank.

Ever since The Beatles used that iconic street for the cover of their final album, millions of Beatlemaniacs have pilgrimaged to Abbey Road Studios. There, they take pictures of themselves stepping into traffic, often causing mayhem in the process. Are these photos lame? Undoubtedly. (Sorry Uncle Dave.) But for a long time now, they’ve been even lamer because the zebra crossing so badly needed a fresh coat of paint. It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in London, a national landmark for crying out loud! What was the city waiting for?

As it turns out, for traffic to come to a halt. With the global coronavirus pandemic keeping everyone at home, Abbey Road hasn’t seen this few tourists since The Beatles made it famous in the first place. London officials took advantage of everyone sheltering at home, restoring the crosswalk with a fresh coat of paint. Check out some photos below.

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That zebra crossing remains a potent symbol today. After Drake beat a trio of Beatles’ record, he celebrated with an Abbey Road Tattoo.

This September, Disney and Peter Jackson will be honoring The Beatles’ legacy with a new documentary The Beatles: Get Back.


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