Man Man Grapple With a “Future Peg” on New Single: Stream

Plus, they've shared an outrageous music video for the track

Man Man Future Peg new song music video new album Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between

Freak-folk group Man Man are back with a new song called “Future Peg”. To celebrate the track’s release, they’ve also shared an odd music video that sees the group getting up to magical hijinks.

For those keeping track, “Future Peg” is the second single we’ve heard from Man Man’s upcoming album, Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between. It’s their sixth studio album overall and first since 2013’s On Oni Pond. Based on “Cloud Nein” and this new song, it looks like Man Man are picking up where they left off with all the mood-lifting horns and fantastical vocal harmonies you could want.

Musically, “Future Peg” rides a straightforward beat and song structure, but Man Man decorate the track with goofy percussive elements, a chipper marimba part, and poppy production to make it their own. There’s also a bright, zig-zagging guitar solo that acts as a post-chorus burst of joy.

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The real absurdity comes into play in the song’s music video. In the clip, directed by Stephanie Ward, the lyrics come to life in semi-grotesque, semi-alluring ways. Thanks to a green screen and a group of friends locked in different rooms, we watch as a ballerina dances across ice cream sandwiches, an old man licks the dessert off her shoes, a woman ties her tongue in a bowtie, someone spits out a mouthful of teeth, and a group of guys in wolf masks gather around a huge stack of hot dogs. Watch it below.

As previously announced, Man Man will be bringing these new songs on the road during their upcoming spring tour. Grab tickets to all of their upcoming tour dates here.


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