Steven Spielberg’s Daughter Mikaela Arrested for Domestic Violence

Mikaela allegedly got into a physical altercation with her boyfriend

Mikaela Steven Spielberg Sex Work Porn Embarrassed Concerned

Steven Spielberg’s daughter, Mikaela Spielberg, was arrested on Saturday and charged with domestic assault causing bodily injury.

According to a Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (via The Hollywood Reporter), Mikaela and her boyfriend were involved in an argument after returning home from a bar. Mikaela allegedly threw objects at her boyfriend after he made a “rude comment” towards her. The boyfriend sustained a “visible” injury to his hand and wrist.

Mikaela was booked and released on $1,000 bond. She is due back in court for a hearing scheduled for March 9th.

Last month, Mikaela Spielberg made headlines when she announced her intention to pursue a career in pornography. In an interview, Mikaela revealed she has already self-produced several videos and plans to become a licensed sex worker. Her parents, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, are said to be “concerned” and “embarrassed” by their daughter’s career choice, but remain supportive of her.


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