New Music Friday: 7 Songs You Need to Hear

Featuring fresh tunes from Chika, Rosie Carney, and Charlotte Dos Santos

New Music Friday: Gia Woods, Everyone You Know, Chika, and Kofi
New Music Friday: Gia Woods, Everyone You Know, Chika, and Kofi

    Each Friday, Consequence of Sound rounds up the most compelling new music to hit our inbox. Today, March 13th, brings fresh new songs from the likes of Gia Woods, Chika, Kofi, Kathleen, Rosie Carney, Everyone You Know, and Charlotte Dos Santos. Take a listen below, and keep track of all our favorite New Sounds via our exclusive Spotify Playlist.

    Gia Woods – “Ego”

    Queer and Persian pop artist Gia Woods first broke into music in 2016 with “Only a Girl”, an emotional track she penned in high school while listening to Björk, Radiohead, and Madonna. Since that time, she’s been working on her forthcoming CUT SEASON EP, which is being teased today with a single called “Ego”.

    As its title suggests, it’s about how a need for control can eventually tarnish a relationship. The Los Angeles-based Woods elaborated in a statement:

    “I wrote ‘Ego’ about a past relationship. It felt like a never ending cycle of ego trips and with that comes a lot of power struggles and pettiness,” Woods said in a statement. “When two people have big egos, there’s almost never a solution. You’re just in a constant state of fighting and ignoring the obvious. For my EP ‘Cut Season’ I wanted to dive into all the toxic people I felt I was surrounded by and emotional patterns I noticed in other people and even in myself. These were reasons to cut them out one by one.”


    Chika – “Industry Games”

    Alabama-bred artist Chika is a certified Renaissance woman. In between her time spent as a poet and activist, she puts out cutting hip-hop music for the socially conscious listener. The Cardi B-cosigned MC’s latest release is a debut EP called Industry Games.

    Out via Warner Bros., this new effort “paints a vivid picture of her self-made success, trials and aspirations” through powerful songs like the title track and closer “Crown”.

    Kofi – “F.A.Y.”

    Upcoming rapper Kofi has announced he’s signed with Red Bull Records. To coincide with the news, the Toronto native has shared “F.A.Y.”, a single off his forthcoming Story of My Life debut EP. On the fierce cut, Kofi talks about recovering from a broken relationship.


    “After releasing music on my own the past few years, I’m excited to have the support of Red Bull Records and work with the team to release some incredible music,” commented Kofi, who was raised on his Ghanian father’s gospel tape collection. “I’m really looking forward to the fans hearing my upcoming EP because it’s such a personal project that lets people into my world.”

    Kathleen – “The Longest Year”

    Indie songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kathleen has released her debut single — and it could not be more relatable. Titled “The Longest Year”, it sees the Washington-born, nature-loving musician grappling with today’s constant and exhausting news cycle.

    “‘The Longest Year’ really came out of sheer confusion and overstimulation from so much hard and indigestible news,” she remarked. “You’re scrolling and scrolling and one post is your cousin’s baby, then an ad for organic tampons, then a photo of a dead toddler on a beach in Syria. Your brain is just like duh-waat? So it shuts down.”


    Rosie Carney – “when i look at you”

    Following last year’s debut album Bare, Irish folk songwriter Rosie Carney has returned with a new single. “when i look at you” was recorded in New York with Sufjan Stevens associate Thomas Bartlett and touches on themes of heartbreak, betrayal, and destruction. “All of which I have inflicted on myself for as long as I can remember,” according to Carney.

    Today’s track is off her i dreamed i was the night EP, due out April 10th via Color Study.

    Everyone You Know – “Seen It All”

    Last year saw rising London indie/pop outfit Everyone You Know release a new EP and make their debut at the Reading and Leeds Festival. The brother duo is carrying that momentum into 2020 with the release of today’s “Seen It All”.

    Due out via Sony Music UK/RCA Records, the catchy and danceable tune is said to be “about the people closest to you seeing you at your most vulnerable and you seeing them at theirs.” The band adds, “It’s about the people that have seen you consistently make mistakes and make bad decisions but are still there for you regardless, even if you don’t learn from them.”


    Charlotte Dos Santos – “Harvest Time”

    Even without a full-length album to her name, Charlotte Dos Santos has effectively turned heads worldwide. In addition to cosigns from Raphael Saadiq and Big Boi, the Brazilian-Norwegian jazz and R&B singer has been compared to Solange and nominated for Newcomer of the Year at the Norwegian Grammy Awards.

    Today, she has released a new EP called Harvest Time, whose tracks reflect deeply on topics like rebirth, growth, and empathy. “This is the music where I allowed myself to do whatever I wanted,” dos Santos said in a statement. “This is just my own composition. As an arranger, composer, writer, producer, singer, it’s all… it’s all me. And it feels great to have that autonomy.”

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