Post Malone Says He Gets Face Tattoos Because He’s Insecure About His Looks

"I'm a ugly-ass motherf*cker," the rapper admitted

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Post Malone, photo via social media

For years, Post Malone seems to have treated his body like his own personal canvas, collecting one tattoo after another like pricey artwork. However, it turns out the inked images — especially those on his face — don’t have much to do with trends and cool aesthetics. As he revealed in a new interview, Post is actually self-conscious about his “ugly-ass” looks and uses the tattoos to cope.

“I’m a ugly-ass motherf*cker,” the Hollywood’s Bleeding artist admitted in a GQ cover story. “[The face tattoos do] maybe come from a place of insecurity, to where I don’t like how I look, so I’m going to put something cool on there so I can look at myself and say, ‘You look cool, kid,’ and have a modicum of self-confidence, when it comes to my appearance.”

The 24-year-old rapper currently has the words “always” and “tired” marked up underneath each eye, playing cards up by his hairline, and a knife by one of his ears. Most recently, Post got a bloody buzzsaw and a gauntlet added to his face.

Post Malone’s opinions of himself have long been a concern and are part of his daily struggle with mental health issues. “Middle school, I would cry myself to sleep every f*ckin’ day,” he told GQ. “High school, the same thing. I tried to drink some beers to get rid of that sh*t, but it just never goes away. And I don’t think that’s anybody’s fault; it has to do with something predisposed in you.”

It’s not all too serious for the “Circles” MC, though. As NME points out, during a 2018 interview at London’s Wireless Festival, Post Malone offered an alternate reason for his face tattoo spree: “Anything to piss my mom off,” he joked.

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