Magnificent mashup combines Slayer’s “Raining Blood” with The B-52s’ “Rock Lobster”: Watch

"Something to entertain you whilst social distancing"

Slayer and B-52s mashup

Introducing the SLAY-52s, here to bring us some much needed distraction during these difficult times with their hit “Raining Lobsters”.

The mashup of Slayer’s thrash metal anthem “Raining Blood” and The B-52’s iconic “Rock Lobster” is a welcome antidote of hilarity in these trying times. Mashup virtuoso Bill McClintock weaved the two tracks from disparate genres, taking Tom Araya’s isolated vocal track and inserting it over the musical stems of “Rock Lobster”.

Some savvy video editing — combining vintage performance clips of each band — helps drive it home (i.e. guitarist Jeff Hanneman thrashing out to the B-52s’ slinky rhythms). It all syncs up perfectly.

“Something to entertain you whilst social distancing,” reads McClintock’s video caption.

It isn’t the first time Slayer’s been the subject of mashup absurdity. Back in December, YouTuber Andy Rehfeld smashed up “Angel of Death” with Wham’s holiday classic “Last Christmas” — a combination as unsettlingly creepy as it is funny.

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McClintock himself is a master of sorts when it comes to mashing up heavy metal with different genres. His previous works include the Judas Priest x Michael Jackson (Judas Jackson) combo, “Billie Jean’s Got Another Thing Comin'”, and the Ratt/Marvin Gaye concoction, “I Heard It Round and Round the Grapevine”, among others.

Watch “Raining Lobsters” below.

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