Mike Flanagan Unlocked the “Unfilmable” Gerald’s Game

The Losers' Club kicks back on the cabin couch to revisit this 2017 classic

The Losers' Club Revisits Gerald's Game
Gerald’s Game (Netflix)

“You’re so much smaller than I remember.”

The Losers take off the cuffs and kick back on the cabin couch to revisit Mike Flanagan’s Gerald’s Game. Together, they discuss what makes the source material so complicated for the screen, Bruce Greenwood’s unbelievable physique, Carla Gugino’s complicated turn, and why the dog should have really been voiced by Jim Belushi.

Listen above and stay tuned next week when they head to Boulder, Colorado to revisit The Stand miniseries. If you’re feeling charitable in these ultra “meh” times, leave us a glowing review on wherever you get your podcasts. We appreciate it.


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