Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers Is a Total Cat-astrophe

The Losers' Club reviews Mick Garris' wild and crazy hot flash of a horror film

The Losers' Club - Sleepwalkers
The Losers’ Club – Sleepwalkers

“Stop looking at me. Stop looking at me, you fucking cat!”

The Losers evade the shapeshifting, bipedal werecats roaming around Stephen King’s batshit crazy Sleepwalkers. Together, they discuss Mick Garris’ direction, the insanity of King’s screenplay, and the incest-fueled poundcake that leaves them reaching for Tums.

It’s a wild episode full of howling and scowling. Special guest includes Jenn Adams of The Horror Virgin, who adds some much-needed balance. Stream the full episode above and return next week when the Losers discuss the season finale of HBO’s The Outsider.


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