Trapt’s Twitter Spree Goes from Defending Trump’s Coronavirus Response to Racist Real Quick

"Been over 50 years since the Civil rights act was passed! Move the fuck on and knock that damn chip of your shoulder"

trapt donald trump twitter rampage coronavirus racist racism victim

    We’re all going a little stir crazy in these scary times of self-isolation, but it seems Trapt frontman Chris Brown has straight up snapped. The nu-metal rocker has spent the last three days on an epic Twitter spree in which he devolved from defending Donald Trump’s quantifiably inadequate coronavirus response into racist, anti-victim trolling aggressively fast.

    Tracing the exact inception of this madness is tricky and something not worth the mental anguish. It seems, however, to have kicked off when Trapt used Twitter to respond to actor Chris Evans’ own reaction following Trump’s March 15th press conference. Brown argued that Trump’s decision to follow experts’ advice and restrict travel from China back in January “is the SOLE reason” our hospital system isn’t yet overrun by the coronavirus pandemic. So I guess all this social distancing implemented over a month later has been pretty unnecessary?

    Brown then went after civil rights activist Bishop Talbert Swan, who had responded to a Trump tweet with some choice (if admittedly inappropriately timed) words like “racist” and “buffon.” The Trapt singer screamer took it to another level, however, calling Swan out for a victim mentality.

    And things just sort of exploded outward from there…

    Here’s Trapt Being Racist About China

    Because saying “the virus originated in China” and “the Chinese virus” have very different connotations:

    Here’s Trapt Being Racist About Black People

    Because having an issue with systemic inequality isn’t just having “a chip on your shoulder” and playing the victim:

    Here’s Trapt Letting You Know How Cool and Important They Are

    Because if you disagree with them, you probably live in your parent’s basement and don’t pay taxes:

    Here’s Trapt Letting You Know They Have 2 Million Spotify and 2.6 Million Pandora Listeners

    Because it’s really important you understand that Trapt have 2 million Spotify and 2.6 million Pandora listeners, because if you don’t, you’re a fat, meaningless nothing:

    Look, Trapt’s Chris Brown is absolutely right; he has every right to say and think whatever the hell he wants. And the rest of us have every right to call it out for the racist, egotistical, victim-blaming, ignorant claptrap that it is. But the guy’s always been headstrong, so what are ya gonna do? Don’t at us.

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