William Tyler Gets Lost in “Time Indefinite” on New Song: Stream

A beautiful, sprawling, acoustic song

William Tyler Time Indefinite new song new music, photo by Chantal Anderson

These self-quarantined days may feel like they’re stretching on forever, but at least now we will have a soundtrack for them. Thankfully, guitar virtuoso William Tyler has shared a new song called “Time Indefinite” to help pass the hours.

Tyler revealed the track on Twitter, adding, “Hope everyone is hanging in there.” Those familiar with his music won’t be surprised to learn that “Time Indefinite” is a beautiful, sprawling, acoustic song — or in other words, according to what Tyler tagged it as on Soundcloud, it’s “cosmic pastoral” music. All told, its five-minute runtime goes by in a flash.

After a few cautious open-strummed notes in the first minute, “Time Indefinite” picks up the pace, walking casually through a lovely finger-plucked guitar melody. As it continues, some minor notes are tossed in for good measure to add tension. It almost feels like Tyler came up with it while going on a walk during a Southern sunset, guitar in hand. Stream it below.

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If you’re craving more stripped-back americana like this, then dig in to the rest of William Tyler’s catalog. He just scored the new Kelly Reichardt film, First Cow, and dropped his latest full-length, Goes West, last year. It’s worth exploring some of his earlier material, too, like the blissful folk of 2013’s Impossible Truth.

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