Bishop Nehru Teams With MF DOOM on New Track “Meathead”: Stream

From the upcoming album Nehruvia: My Disregarded Thoughts

MF Doom and Bishop Nehru, “Meathead” music video

    Bishop Nehru has turned to his old pal and mentor MF DOOM for help on the new track “Meathead”. This is the final single from Nehruvia: My Disregarded Thoughts, due out May 8th.

    “Meathead” is built from a soul sample that sounds both relaxed and alert, with smooth horns and a strutting bass line. DOOM kicks off the track with a bit of gentle caffeination. “I sip a hot tea, watching Archie flip on Meathead.” This is shout-out to Archie Bunker, ’70s sitcom character and “lovable bigot,” whose favorite insult was “meathead,” and whose buffoonish attitude towards race helped create civil rights dialogue in All in the Family. From here, DOOM pinwheels off in a jazzy stream-of-consciousness, sitting tightly in the pocket of the flow. When his time comes, Bishop Nehru picks up the flow mid-phrase, before launching into knotty new rhythms of his own.

    Born Markel Scott, Bishop Nehru has been rapping over DOOM-produced tracks since he first broke out as a child prodigy at 16. In 2014, after Nehru turned 18, they together created the collaborative album NehruvianDOOM. Now Scott is both a veteran and only 23, and while he came of age in the booth, he’s still capable of self-doubt and getting stuck in his head. This happened during the recording of My Disregarded Thoughts, but as he explained in a statement, DOOM helped him get unstuck.

    “DOOM just kept telling me to stop overthinking things and that I needed to use my own intuition more. He taught me how to really embody the music and feel it deep inside my stomach.”

    “Meathead” comes with a satirical animated music video. Bishop Nehru and MF DOOM star as tea-sipping superheroes who must fight the pig-faced Meathead and his henchmen, a donkey and an elephant. Check out the visuals below.


    Pre-orders for Nehruvia: My Disregarded Thoughts are ongoing. Previously, Bishop Nehru shared the singles “Too Lost” and “EMPEROR”.

    Last November, DOOM contributed vocals to Danger Mouse’s new song “Ninjarous”.

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