New Book Claims Eddie Van Halen Held a Gun to Fred Durst’s Head

The guitar icon apparently jammed with Limp Bizkit after Wes Borland quit the band

Eddie Van Halen gun to Fred Durst head
Eddie Van Halen, photo by Philip Cosores / Fred Durst

Of all the things not to be caught on video, this one is a doozy. According to a new book, Eddie Van Halen once held a gun to Fred Durst’s red-capped head.

Andrew Bennett recently released the photo book Eruption in the Canyon: 212 Days and Nights with the Genius of Eddie Van Halen, documenting his time filming and photographing the guitarist and his Van Halen bandmates in their studio between 2004 and 2006. A planned documentary was shelved after Van Halen wasn’t satisfied with the footage, and a legal battle ensued between Van Halen and Bennett over distribution of the material.

In one of the book’s anecdotes, per Ultimate Classic Rock, Bennett shares a story Eddie told him about an incident that took place around 2001. Shortly after Wes Borland’s departure from Limp Bizkit, Eddie found himself at a party with Fred Durst. When a music exec suggested the pair work together, Durst quipped, “That would be hilarious. The greatest guitar player ever plays with the worst band ever.” Eddie apparently responded, “F**k it, let’s jam.”

Eddie ended up jamming with Bizkit at a house in Beverly Hills, but left abruptly when too many people started smoking weed, recalling the experience “like being a scholar amongst kindergartners.” The guitarist ended up leaving his equipment at the house, and sought to get it back the next day.

When Durst didn’t answer Eddie’s phone calls all day, the guitar legend apparently hopped into an assault vehicle that he purchased from a military auction and showed up at the house where Bizkit rehearsed. From there, Bennett quoted Van Halen as follows: “That asshole answered the door. I put my gun to that stupid f**king red hat of his, and I said, ‘Where’s my shit, motherf**ker?’ That f**king guy just turned to one of his employees and starts yelling at him to grab my shit.”

Bennett says Eddie continued to point the gun on Durst as the amps and guitars were loaded into the vehicle.

In a 2003 MTV News article, Durst did claim that Van Halen was one of 11 guitarists who auditioned for Limp Bizkit as they prepared to make the album Results May Vary, so it appears that some sort of meeting definitely happened. As for the gun incident, that hasn’t been confirmed by Fred Durst or Eddie Van Halen.

Last year, it was reported that Eddie Van Halen was battling throat cancer, with Van Halen singer David Lee Roth revealing a few months ago that the guitarist is “not doing well.” Meanwhile, Fred Durst starred in a recent CarMax commercial, as Limp Bizkit continue to work on their first album since 2011’s Gold Cobra.