Fatboy Slim’s Ten-Year-Old Daughter DJs as Fat Girl Slim: Watch

Watch her 50-minute set for Camp Bestival's Stay at Home Easter Sleepover

Fat Girl Slim Fatboy Slim DJ Set Daughter Watch

Ten-year-old Nelly Cook is showing an interest in the family business. The daughter of Fatboy Slim has streamed her first DJ set, and she did it under the name of Fat Girl Slim.

Cook made her musical debut at Camp Bestival’s Stay at Home Easter Sleepover on April 11th. She played a 53-minute house set from the comfort of her actual house. The elder Slim made several cameos, sometimes helping with the song transitions, but more often dancing in the background wearing silly masks. At these moments Fat Girl Slim would roll her eyes and hold up a sign that read “Bad Dad Dancing. Sorry.” Yet for all her mock-embarrassment, both Fat Girl and Fat Dad clearly enjoy making music together. Check out the DJ set over at Fatboy Slim’s Facebook page.

He’s not the first artist to turn his family into his collaborators. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd recently enlisted his family to cover songs by Leonard Cohen, and Tears for Fears’ Curt Smith performed “Mad World” with his daughter.

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