Fiona Apple Does Rare TV Interview on Democracy Now: Watch

She talks about everything from tattoos to the theft of indigenous land

Fiona Apple interview Democracy Now video tv fetch the bolt cutters
Fiona Apple on Democracy Now!

    When it rains Fiona Apple news, it pours. Since dropping Fetch the Bolt Cutters, her first new album in eight years, Apple has been opening up in print profiles left and right. And over the weekend, she appeared on Democracy Now! for a rare TV interview.

    During the lengthy appearance, Apple discussed Fetch the Bolt Cutters and how she’s evolved since dropping The Idler Wheel… in 2012. The interviewer began by asking Apple if she expected to receive such unanimous, worldwide acclaim for the record, to which she admitted to being a little uncomfortable by all the fanfare. “I’m just so, so happy that it seems like it’s actually doing the thing that any artist would want their art to do,” she said, “which is to help people feel free.”

    There’s dozens of highlights from the conversation, from the reason why she released the album early to how she was so moved by the idea of freeing yourself that she literally got bolt cutters tattooed on her forearm. She also revealed why she concluded the album’s credits by stating Fetch the Bolt Cutters was recorded “on unceded Tongva, Mescalero Apache, and Suma territories” — a phrase co-written by Eryn Wise, an organizer for the Indigenous-led collective Seeding Sovereignty. “People aren’t thinking about this every day, and they really should be — that we are not living on land that was ceded to us,” Apple commented.


    During the Democracy Now! interview, Apple also spoke about grappling with the anger inside of her, especially on the song “For Her”. “One day, I sang that line, and it sank into me,” she said. “And I finally felt the anger that I had never felt for the man who assaulted me when I was a child. I sang that line over and over again until I really felt it. And when I felt it, I finally felt anger, and it was an amazing thing. And you need to feel your anger in order to get past it.”

    All told, this interview is a close-up look at the behind-the-scenes moments, creative ideas, and unbridled emotions that fueled one of the best albums of the year. The video clocks in just under 40 minutes. Watch it below.

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