Grimes Releases Green Screen Music Video, Asks Fans to Finish It: Watch

For "You'll Miss Me When I'm Not Around", from her recent album Miss Anthrop0cene

Grimes You'll Miss Me When I'm Not Around Green Screen Music Video

“You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around”, a cut from Grimes‘ recent album Miss Anthrop0cene, has received a new music video — or at any rate, most of a music video. The footage shows Grimes standing in front of a green screen, and now the pregnant pop star is asking fans to fill in the background. It’s a big responsibility, and we’re sure the internet is going to be mature about this, right? Right?

The woman born Claire Boucher has provided a few reference points: She’s wearing a black dress that turns red around the ankles. She has a set of metal wings across her back, and she wields a sword. Mostly she stands about. Where is she standing? Another planet? Under the ocean? Inside of a butt? Occasionally she swings her sword. What’s she battling? A demon? A french baguette? An endless parade of penises? For better or worse, you decide.

Grimes has taken steps to make sure the project isn’t restricted to trained visual designers. She’s also shared a suite of audio clips, art files, and tools to help the average fan create something fun and genital-free. Links to those tools can be found in the details of the video’s YouTube page. Once finished, share your work on social media with the hashtag #GrimesArtKit, and the singer herself will repost her favorites. Check out the blank canvas of “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around” below.

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At the end of February, Grimes dropped the music video for “Idoru”. Last month, Grimes revealed her horrifying personal diet along with a recipe for buttered toast.


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