Happy 4/20 2020: The Best Movies for the Best Strains of Weed

Because you've spent enough time with The Dude and Randall "Pink" Floyd


This feature originally ran in April of 2015.

Happy holidaze to all you blog-reading stoners out there. It’s 4/20 and today is your day!

If you’ve planned accordingly, you’ve cleared your schedule, rolled some joints, and packed your bowl, ready for the day to begin. But hey, this time should be special. Why make it like every other 4/20, watching Pineapple Express, Dazed and ConfusedThe Big Lebowski or any other classic stoner film? We’ve all been there done that, and no disrespect to those iconic movies, but why not try something a little different?

This 4/20, we decided to look a little deeper. And by that I mean we referred to some real experts. Taking the High Times Top 10 Best Strains of 2014 (which looking at the list, is actually only nine, appropriately), Pat Levy and I found the perfect movie match for each of the winning strains.

So, instead of resorting to those quintessential flicks like every other year, relax into your love seats and learn about the top strains out there, and the movies that suit their delicate differences. Like my mom always said, every strain is like a snowflake, unique and unlike any other.

–Rebecca Bulnes
Contributing Writer


Durango OG


rubber 2010 6 Happy 4/20 2020: The Best Movies for the Best Strains of Weed

Durango OG, aka DGOG, is an indica-heavy hybrid with a strong odor of rubber, so roll yourself a blunt of this popular kush strain and watch Quentin Dupieux’s 2010 absurdist comedy/horror Rubber. The film follows the adventures of Robert, a sentient tire who discovers he possesses psionic powers and becomes homicidal on his quest to follow a girl he falls for. It’s as out there of a concept as you can think of, and any kush smoker can tell you that your mind can get to some crazy places when you’ve been burning. The entire principle of Rubber is laid out early in the film when one of the main characters breaks the fourth wall to let the audience know that nothing that takes place in the film will happen for any particular reason, and after smoking an indica-dominant strain, you won’t have the mental capacity to search for reason, so this movie will be perfect for you. —Pat Levy





When a strain is called Dawgfather, you know we had to search the film career of the Doggfather to pair with it, and this heady sativa will go well with the laughably bad 2001 horror film Bones, which stars 420MVP Snoop Dogg. Snoop plays Jimmy Bones, the protector of his neighborhood who is gunned down by a corrupt cop. 20 years after his death, Jimmy is resurrected by some teens who have turned his rundown former home into a spooky nightclub, and he sets out to right the wrongs in his former stomping grounds and to seek revenge against those who betrayed him. The special effects are so delightfully bad, like your little cousin who is just getting a handle on Adobe After Effects bad, and Foxy Brown herself Pam Grier plays Bones’ former lover. Keep your eyes peeled for ER star and Christian Rapper Deezer D playing Stank, and roll up some stanky herbs to match. —Pat Levy 


Quantum Kush



How can one movie live up to a title like Quantum Kush? This hybrid strain fulfills its name by being dank as hell and extremely long lasting. It relishes in the best qualities of a high level of THC while remaining relatively mellow despite its potency. Quantum Kush hits you right off the bat, and when it does, it hits strong, so it requires a movie that can keep up. Zach Snyder’s 2009 adaptation of Watchmen does just that. It’s packed – as heavy as your bowl should be – from the start with all the “wooaaaah” worthy slow motion shots a stoner could dream of and enough action to keep you from snoozing away your high. Since the kush itself is relentless in its endurance, Watchmen is truly its perfect match, being long enough to let the Quantum do its thing. The movie is mesmerizing to look at and just as intense as the strain itself, following the ethical quandaries of the masked vigilantes made famous in Alan Moore’s graphic novel of the same name. And if you’re not sold, just know that there’s a huge naked blue guy that floats around saying philosophical shit like, “Accidents happen. That’s what everyone says, but in the quantum universe there are no such things as accidents, only possibilities and probabilities folded into existence by perception.” So, yeah. —Rebecca Bulnes


Whitewalker OG

Fast Five

fast five poster 04 Happy 4/20 2020: The Best Movies for the Best Strains of Weed

“If you’re gonna survive, stop thinking like a cop.” On 4/20, truer words have never been spoken. Who cares if Vin Diesel wasn’t talking about getting stoned; it just feels right. To me, if you’re going to smoke some Whitewalker OG (a strong sativa/indica cross), you’d have to take a hit for the one and only Paul Walker (RIP) and watch some Fast Five. The strain will uplift you when shit gets real, focus you for every dramatic monologue, and allow you to revel in the detail of each elaborate car chase. Not to mention basking in the glory of the architecture of muscles that make up Vin Diesel and The Rock. Fast Five is perfect for when your brain craves some real excitement, and combining the loving toke of a Whitewalker OG and the non-stop action of Fast Five, you’ve got yourself an adventure right in your living room. So grab the tightest shirt you own, light up some Whitewalker OG any way you like, and get ready, because you’re about to experience some real “in-freaking-sanity.” —Rebecca Bulnes 


Hellraiser OG

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

scott pilgrim poster Happy 4/20 2020: The Best Movies for the Best Strains of Weed

A Sativa-heavy strain, Hellraiser OG is bound to fulfill your head-high needs with its exhilarating effects. It’s euphoric in nature and has a woody taste, which admittedly has nothing to do with this movie but is a nice touch. The high that Hellraiser OG provides is a happy and fun one, and what about Scott Pilgrim vs. the World isn’t happy and fun? It’s fast-paced and energetic, immediately pulling you into its part-comic book part-video game world. The overall aesthetic caters itself pretty impeccably to this type of high and begs for the headspace of the strain. The energy of any Edgar Wright film is pretty much always compatible with being stoned, but this one in particular, what with its enchanting visuals and kick-ass soundtrack (Beck, Broken Social Scene), is definitely my number one choice. Watching Scott Pilgrim raise some hell as he strives to defeat Ramona Flowers’ seven evil exes in the exotic land of Toronto is a perfect way to spend your 4/20 given the right accompaniment. Allow Hellraiser OG to be your bud. —Rebecca Bulnes


Sin Mint Cookies


clue movie poster Happy 4/20 2020: The Best Movies for the Best Strains of Weed

I tried to think of a good movie with girl scouts that you could smoke weed to, but I just don’t think it exists. A movie that is full of sin, however, is not as hard to find, and this Girl Scout Cookies offspring strain pairs perfectly with Clue, the 1985 adaptation of the famous murder mystery board game. The dark comedy is something of a cult classic, never finding a huge audience but still earning a small but dedicated following. Sin Mint Cookies has been described as “great tasting weed if you prefer complex flavors,” and that syncs up well with Clue, which is a fun, and funny, mystery film that twists and turns through the plot before arriving at its three different endings. That’s right, this movie has three different endings. The antics of Tim Curry as the Butler and Madeline Kahn as Mrs. White, among the rest of the superb cast, are well suited for an elevated viewing, and while this strain isn’t especially well known for unleashing the munchies, it’s best to be safe and have a box of thin mints at the ready, though I’m more of a Tagalong guy myself. —Pat Levy


True OG

The Science of Sleep


This sweet indica-dominant strain has a subtle flavor and is soothing as hell. The five-time Cannabis Cup winner is relaxing but won’t knock you into a hazy slumber. You might melt into your couch a little bit, but hey, all the more reason to pop in a similarly comfy flick. This particular strain reminds me a lot of The Science of Sleep, an underrated Michel Gondry film that is comparably cool and well balanced. It’s a great movie on its own but trippy enough to warrant wanting to be stoned throughout. It tells the story of Steéphane and Stéphanie and the worlds they create together. Stéphane often confuses dreams with reality, and in the film we get a glimpse of those dreams, in the most perfect, disjointed, and abstract way. It’s truly mind-boggling how accurately the film portrays a dreamscape even while sober, so imagine that experience with a little added help. There’s something really meditative about The Science of Sleep, though pretty psychedelic too, which makes it the perfect counterpart for some True OG. Light it up and delve into this world of dreams, because what’s more 4/20 than dreaming with your eyes wide open, am I right? —Rebecca Bulnes





CBD God is among the most medicinal indicas available today and earns its name from its tweak on God Bud that stimulated the CBD in the strain. In some cases, like this, playing god can be a good thing, but in some cases, like in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi magnum opus Alien, it can go so, so wrong. The attempted capture and research of an alien species by the crew aboard a space freighter sets off a series of events that leave only one survivor in what is arguably one of the most suspenseful films of all time, and a beautifully shot film as well. CBD God has been described as a “heavy feeder and a big yielder,” much like the titular creature in this film, who starts off small before growing into an enormous beast who devours members of the wayward ship Nostromo. Smoke yourself an ample amount of CBD God and veg out on the couch while watching Alien, and watch it in the dark to enhance your terror/pleasure. —Pat Levy


Big Buddha Cheese

Nacho Libre

626619dz Happy 4/20 2020: The Best Movies for the Best Strains of Weed

Big Buddha Cheese is a sativa known to cause happiness and euphoria in users, much like the experience of watching the Jack Black luchador comedy Nacho Libre, a film that climaxes with Black’s character literally soaring over a crowd of people to defeat his foe. Smoke yourself a fat bowl of the BBC and pour yourself a refreshing glass of horchata, because this strain causes heavy dry mouth, and then strap in for 92 minutes of laughing and smiling so much your jaw will be tired by the delightful end of the film. Reviews on Leafly highlighted BBC’s ability to make the smoker’s appreciation of music elevate, which suits Nacho Libre’s soundtrack all too well as it’s chock-full of funky jams like Alan Hawkshaw and Alan Parker’s “Move, Move, Move”  and several songs by Beck. Do yourself a favor and have some nachos nearby as well. –Pat Levy