National Treasure Laura Dern Narrated a Calming Story So We Could All Finally Sleep

The Oscar winner is the latest celebrity to join the Calm app

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Laura Dern is here to help you sleep. As Variety reports, the Oscar winner has lent her voice to the Calm app to narrate a soothing story called “The Ocean Moon”.

“Quality sleep is so important to overall health and wellness, and during this stressful time, there are so many options to help people de-stress — from supplements, to meditation, to listening to a calming bedtime story,” Dern said in a statement.

Written by Chris Advansun, the story features a number of comfy noises to keep you snug underneath your comforter, from crashing waves to bustling campfires. It’s a perfect amalgamation of cozy accoutrements, and Dern brings it all together.

In hindsight, though, Dern is an intriguing choice when you consider her Oscar-winning performance as vitriolic defense lawyer Nora Fanshaw in last year’s Marriage Story. Or, hell, even her epic, meme-worthy takedowns in both seasons of HBO’s Big Little Lies. Perhaps she’s channeling her iconic role as Ellie Sattler in Jurassic Park? Sure.

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Whatever the case, Dern is in good company as the company has previously tagged everyone from Matthew McConaughey to the late Bob Ross to narrate various stories. All told, there are around 120 different tales available, which is good news for the anxious, pop culture-obsessed insomniacs out there. No, it’s a demo.


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