Punky Brewster Is a Mom in Teaser Trailer for Peacock Sequel Series: Watch

Soleil Moon Frye reprises her role as the title character alongside Freddie Prinze Jr

Punky Brewster Sequel Peacock First Trailer
Soleil Moon Frye (Peacock)

    Three decades after Soleil Moon Frye first stepped into the mismatched sneakers of 8-year-old Penelope Brewster, she’s set to reprise her signature role in a Punky Brewster sequel series for Peacock. In the newly-released teaser trailer, Frye stars as a mother of three with the same old sense of style.

    “Mom, you put on two different shoes,” one of Brewster’s daughters scoffs in the clip.

    Brewster smirks in reply. “Haven’t done that in a while! Still works.”

    The teaser takes great pains to reassure viewers that Punky is still Punky; that even though she’s a single mom instead of an orphan child, her “Punky power” is as potent as ever. Brewster even has a golden retriever, just as in the 1984 original.

    But not everything is the same. One notable addition is an ex-husband. To fill the role, Peacock doubled down on nostalgia with ’90s heartthrob Freddie Prinze Jr. He doesn’t do much in the footage except say, “Good to see you, Punky Brewster,” but he uses a tone that suggest he’ll be seeing a lot more of her later. Check out the new teaser trailer below.


    NBC’s Peacock streaming service officially launches on July 15th, although Comcast Xfinity subscribers can get an early preview now. Other shows include a Saved By the Bell reboot and a MacGruber TV series.

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