Members of Deafheaven, The Red Chord, and More Form New Supergroup Sexless Marriage

The band is finishing up work on its debut album

Sexless Marriage Supergroup
Sexless Marriage, via Instagram

Members of Deafheaven, The Red Chord, Wormwood, and Weak Flesh have formed a new supergroup, misanthropically dubbed Sexless Marriage. The band is finishing up work on its debut album.

The group is made up of The Red Chord’s Mike McKenzie and Greg Weeks, Deafheaven bassist Chris Johnson, Wormwood/Doomriders drummer Chris Bevilacqua, and Weak Flesh’s Mike Morowitz.

The band’s name might be a comedic allusion to McKenzie and Weeks’ long-running musical partnership, as they share duties in The Red Chord, Wormwood, and their other new supergroup, Umbra Vitae, alongside Jacob Bannon of Converge. Sexless Marriage features other cross pollinations: Bevilacqua and Johnson played together in the stoner metal band Doomriders, and Bevilacqua and Weeks were in post-hardcore project Labor Hex.

Sexless Marriage shared some scenes from the recording of their forthcoming debut album on Instagram. Among the images, the band can be seen with some notable guest vocalists, such as Red Chord singer Guy Kozowyk and Wall of Jericho’s Candace Kucsulain, presumably brought in to assist with gang vocals.

The band also posted footage of a track being mastered, the only audio we have of the supergroup in action. Based on the clip, it sounds like Sexless Marriage falls somewhere between the deathcore of Red Chord and sludge metal of Wormwood. The band teased that the album is “coming soon.”

See the aforementioned Instagram posts below.