Tasha Reminds Us “But There’s Still the Moon” on New Single: Stream

Her first new music since her 2018 debut album, Alone at Last

tasha but there's still the moon
Tasha, photo by Ashleigh Dye

    On her 2018 debutAlone at Last, soulful Chicago artist Tasha sang songs of quiet positivity, light reminders to stay hopeful in the face of the world’s constant adversities. However, her first new single since that effort, “But There’s Still the Moon”, pulls back on the veil of optimism to reveal a more fragile nature.

    “The truth is all these rhymes/ Barely hold me together,” Tasha sings on the first verse. “But I still try/ To bare it through the bad weather.” There is, of course, still an air of resilience in those lines, and the music reflects that. Gentle guitar strums and a steady beat are accentuated with quivering keyboards, keeping the whole thing floating gently upwards even as Tasha sings of “Losing what my hurt brings/ Keeping my worst thing to myself.”

    Take a listen to Tasha’s “But There’s Still the Moon” below.

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