Re-Animator Stitches Together Gore and Slapstick Comedy to Grisly Perfection

The Horror Virgin resurrects the great Stuart Gordon classic

The Horror Virgin - Re-Animator
The Horror Virgin – Re-Animator

“Who’s going to believe a talking head? Get a job in a sideshow.”

The Horror Virgin has rented a room in the pod-loft to the new Doctor in town and our girlfriend thinks he’s a little strange. He doesn’t get along with our evil professor, he’s always down in the basement, and he keeps snapping our pencils! Help us find our cat (and our heads) as we inject glowing serum into the ’80s camp horror classic, Re-Animator!

We’ll dive head-first into an animated discussion of the perfect mix of horror and comedy, different edits of the film, and, of course, that notorious autopsy room scene. You know the one. The fun facts in this episode are so insane heads will roll with laughter! So, join us in the basement as we hang with the one and only Herbert West.

Pod dead, details later.

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