Alex Ebert on Meeting Jim Carrey and Seeing Milli Vanilli

Golden Globe-winning singer-songwriter discusses his second solo album, I Vs. I.

This Must Be the Gig - Alex Ebert
This Must Be the Gig – Alex Ebert

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    On today’s episode of This Must Be the Gig, Alex Ebert discusses his second solo album, I Vs. I. The Golden Globe-winning singer-songwriter unravels the inspiration behind the record, weighs in on his stage persona, and even teases a sequel record. Along the way, he revisits the time he met Jim Carrey and saw Milli Vanilli as a kid.

    This Must Be the Gig gives backstage access to passionate fans worldwide. Each week, host Lior Phillips talks to artists and industry personalities about their first concert, pre-show rituals, trends in the festival scene, and much, much more. After all, every fan has a gig that changed their life—and so does every musician.

    This week’s episode also puts a spotlight on Raising Hope, an nonprofit tackling the effects of COVID-19 in Lior’s hometown of Cape Town. By splitting funding equally amongst the charities Cans With Purpose, Ladles of Love, Breadline Africa, and Courage, Raising Hope is making a real impact for people in need in South Africa.


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