Almost Famous Cast and Crew Reunite for Origins Podcast

Cameron Crowe, Kate Hudson, Billy Crudup, and everyone else is back on the bus

Almost Famous (Dreamworks)

It’s all happening: For its 20th anniversary, the cast of Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous are reuniting for James Andrew Miller’s Origins podcast from Cadence 13. Ever the golden god himself, the award-winning author and host got everyone back on the bus.

That includes Crowe, Kate Hudson, Billy Crudup, Frances McDormand, Jason Lee, Patrick Fugit, Zooey Deschanel, Jimmy Fallon, Peter Frampton, Nancy Wilson, and the list goes on.

Below, Miller’s dropped a three-minute trailer chock full of quotes to get you pumped. The show begins soon, so subscribe to the series now and go get some BBQ, man.

Update: The five-episode series now live. Stream it here.

In the past, Miller’s Origins series has offered oral histories on Curb Your Enthusiasm, ESPN, and Sex & the City. He’s also published definitive tomes on Saturday Night Live and CAA.

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