Charli XCX Releases Her Quarantine Album How I’m Feeling Now: Stream

UK pop star has been documenting the album's creation on social media

Charli XCX coronavirus quarantine album how i'm feeling now stream shirt
Charli XCX, photo via Instagram/@charli_xcx

    Back in April when it became clear that the coronavirus lockdown wasn’t ending anytime soon, Charli XCX made her fans a promise. She told them she would be writing and recording an album entirely from quarantine, and she’d not only be documenting the whole thing on social media, but asking for followers’ input. The British pop star has made good on her goal, and today has released How I’m Feeling Now for all to enjoy.

    Charli produced the follow-up to last year’s Charli with remote assistance from  PC Music leader A. G. Cook and BJ Burton (Bon Iver), as well as contributions from 100 gecs member Dylan Brady, Dijon, Danny L Harle, and Palmistry. She also relied on her Angels (her name for her fans), asking them to vote on artwork, submit footage for tracks’ videos, and other creative aspects of the project.

    As previews of the album, Charli released the tracks “Forever”, “Claws”, “I Finally Understand”. Listen to the full thing below.

    How I’m Feeling Now Artwork:

    Charli XCX coronavirus quarantine album how i'm feeling now album artwork

    How I’m Feeling Now Tracklist:
    01. Pink Diamond
    02. Forever
    03. Claws
    04. 7 Years
    05. Detonate
    06. Enemy
    07. I Finally Understand
    08. C2.0
    09. Party 4 U
    10. Anthems
    11. Visions

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