Colin Stetson Releases “Awake You Sleepy Hearts” Featuring Actor David “Professor Lupin” Thewlis: Stream

From Stetson's score for the National Geographic series Barkskins

Colin Stetson David Thewlis Awake You Sleepy Hearts National Geographic Barkskins Stream
Colin Stetson and David Thewlis in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Warner Bros.)

    Saxophonist Colin Stetson has written the score for the new National Geographic series Barkskins. Known for such soundtracks as Hereditary and Color Out of Space, the composer has today shared a new song from his latest project, “Awake You Sleepy Hearts”. The track happens to feature a familiar voice in David Thewlis, best known as Professor R.J. Lupin from the Harry Potter franchise and star of Barkskins.

    Based on the 2016 novel by Annie Proulx (“Brokeback Mountain”), Barkskins takes place over 300 years, following a series of related characters amidst the deforestation of North America. Thewlis’ plays Claude Trepagny, a land speculator with some poetical words in Stetson’s new song: “Awake you sleepy hearts/ The birds sing in the trees!” Does that sound uplifting? Not while Stetson’s haunting score plays underneath. It’s a disquieting song, with a deep and dark malice lurking beneath the surface.

    Check out “Awake You Sleepy Hearts” below. Via IndieWire, the full Barkskins soundtrack drops on June 5th.

    In addition to being one of our favorite soundtracks of the decade, Stetson’s Hereditary score was recently selected by Thom Yorke for his first Sonos radio mix.

    Barkskins (National Geographic Original Series Soundtrack) Tracklist:
    01. Forest Fire
    02. Company Man
    03. The Tree
    04. Renardette
    05. True Warrior
    06. English Scum
    07. Lie Down
    08. The Company Way
    09. Marth Burns
    10. Father Clape
    11. A Proposal
    12. Aftermath
    13. With Death Upon You
    14. First and Last Meals
    15. The Letter
    16. Retrieving the Dead
    17. Punishment
    18. Alive
    19. Awake You Sleepy Hearts [ft. David Thewlis]


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