Ka Releases New Album Descendants of Cain: Stream

Brownsville, New York rapper returns with his seventh full-length

Ka Descendants of Cain new music Ka rapper new album stream

    Brownsville, New York rapper Ka has released a new album called Descendants of Cain. It was initially only available for digital purchase via his website, but has now been released on digital streaming services. Listen below.

    Descendants of Cain follows his 2018 record Orpheus vs. The Sirens and it’s his seventh studio album overall. Technically, though, this is the rapper’s first full-length under the name Ka since he released Honor Killed the Samurai in 2016, notes Pitchfork.

    It will likely take multiple spins to catch on to everything Ka references on Descendants of Cain — an intentional move on his end. “Since I don’t depend on my music to eat, it’s given me the freedom to have fun and not expect anything from it,” he explains on his website. “I’m always surprised when people catch things I say in my songs. Almost everything I say has a double meaning and it’s why more than likely you won’t understand everything with just one listen. I craft my songs so that you pick up something new each time you hear it.”


    In addition to self-producing most tracks himself, he also brought on Roc Marciano, Animoss, and Preservation for additional production. Other than that, the record seems to be a pretty solitary creation.

    Check out the album artwork and the full tracklist below.

    Descendants of Cain Artwork:

    Descendants of Cain by Ka album artwork cover art

    Descendants of Cain Tracklist:
    01. Every Now and Then
    02. Unto the Dust
    03. Patron Saints
    04. My Brother’s Keeper
    05. Solitude of Enoch
    06. The Eye of a Needle
    07. P.R.A.Y.
    08. Land of Nod
    09. Sins of the Father
    10. Old Justice
    11. I Love (Mimi, Moms, Kev)

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