Mail Carrier Dresses Up as KISS’ Gene Simmons to Lift Spirits During Pandemic

"I have been a KISS fan since I came out of the womb ... I thought I would try and get everyone's mood up"

KISS Mail Carrier
UK Mail Carrier Gary Underdown, via KISS Twitter

A mail carrier in the UK has found a unique way to lift up the spirits of people on his route during the COVID-19 pandemic. As of late, Gary Underdown has been dressing up as Gene Simmons’ “Demon” persona in KISS, and he’s even caught the attention of Simmons himself.

Underdown has donned the KISS makeup and wig at least four times while delivering packages and letters during his route on the Isle of Sheppey. A photo of the postman was shared on KISS’ Twitter account, and then retweeted by Simmons with the comment, “Wow.”

The 32-year-old postal worker told Kent Online, “I have been a KISS fan since I came out of the womb,” adding that he first decided to sport the makeup on his route about a month ago and “got a good reaction.”

He continued, “You get a few who are like, ‘Oh my God, that’s fantastic,’ and some people have been asking for a picture. … I thought I would try and get everyone’s mood up. Everyone’s a bit down in the dumps with what’s going on — it just lifted them up again.”

During his mail route, Underdown has worn the full makeup and wig, but has left his KISS footwear at home. “I couldn’t walk 10 miles in the Destroyer boots — but I have got a pair,” he explained.

Last year, Underdown had the opportunity to travel with KISS, doing promotion for the band’s European tour. “It was a big thing for me to tour with my favorite band – and I got paid for it,” said Underdown. “I got to mix with all the crowds, I had pictures with thousands of fans and I was staying in the hotels with the band.”

As for the real KISS, the band had an extensive 2020 itinerary mapped out for their farewell tour, and were able to get in most of their North American winter leg before the pandemic. As of now, they have another North American leg set to kick off in late August, but it remains to be seen if it will be rescheduled.