METZ Share Two New Songs “Acid” and “Slow Decay”: Stream

Steve Albini-produced tracks released as Bandcamp waives their cut for the day

metz acid slow decay new song stream
METZ, photo by Philip Cosores

    Today finds Bandcamp once again waiving its fees in an effort to support artists stripped of touring revenue in the age of COVID-19. To take advantage of the benefit holiday, many artists are releasing fresh material. METZ is among those capitalizing on the goodness by sharing a pair of songs, “Acid” and “Slow Decay”.

    Both of the tracks are produced by Steve Albini, giving listeners a wall of heavy noise rock sludge. “Acid” is a relentless force of resistance, its cacophony of sound pressing back against defeat. In a description on Bandcamp, METZ says the cut “is about having a fresh perspective, a newly widened outlook on the world and one’s life. Being shaken awake from a malaise and realizing there is no time for petty bullshit. Love what you love, love who you love! Embrace it and don’t wait.”

    “Slow Decay”, meanwhile, is a dizzying assault, guitars swarming around gun-shot drums. Hear both tracks below, and purchase them via Bandcamp.

    METZ’s last full-length was 2017’s Strange Peace, and they dropped the rarities collection Automat last year.

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