Rick and Morty Season 4 Returns with New Episode: Stream

Reality hoping duo search for the answer to the Never Ricking Morty

rick and morty never ricking morty season 4 second half episode 6
Rick and Morty (Adult Swim)

    If there was ever a time we needed an escape from our own reality, it’s now. Well, charge up that portal gun and hop on a literal narrative train because Rick and Morty are back with the second half of Season 4.

    After last airing on December 15th, Season 4 finally returned from its mid-season break on Sunday night with Episode 6, “Never Ricking Morty”. The episode is available to watch now on Adult Swim — and currently, only Adult Swim — by signing in with your cable provider.

    Those expecting to stream the show on Hulu will have to wait quite a bit. While Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and similar live television streaming subscribers can watch the series as it airs or rebroadcasts on Adult Swim, the on-demand contracts are bit more complicated. Rick and Morty will be moving to HBO Max once it launches on May 27th, but even then Season 4 isn’t expected to be immediately available. The Hollywood Reporter noted last fall that both Hulu and HBO Max won’t have the new episodes five months after the finale (May 31st), which puts the streaming debut sometime around November.


    Still, if you haven’t cut the cord completely (or, let’s be honest, know your parent’s cable login info), you can watch “Never Ricking Morty” now on Adult Swim. The episode finds Rick and Morty going extremely meta as they board a train that’s literally a storytelling device, where each car transports them to a new entry in an anthology. The structure allowed writer Jeff Loveness, co-creator Dan Harmon, and the whole Rick and Morty crew to make a ton of caustic observations about narratives while jamming in numerous cameos — keep an eye out for Darth Mr. Poopybutthole, Evil Morty, Morty Jr., and one jacked Jesus — and a running gag about “cum gutters.” Oh yea, Rick and Morty is back.

    Below, watch a featurette with Loveness and Harmon discussing the episode, as well as a clip where the eponymous heroes make use of the Bechdel Test to escape a nasty situation. You can also see the trailer for Rick and Morty: “The Other Five”.

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