Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Share New Song “Falling Thunder” and Video: Stream

Another sample from the band's new album, Sideways to New Italy

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Falling thunder new song stream
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, photo by Peter Ryle

Next month, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever are set to drop their sophomore album, Sideways to New Italy. In the video for the album’s latest single, “Falling Thunder”, the Melbourne outfit return to old Italy, the place of singer/guitarist Tom Russo and bassist Joe Russo’s ancestral heritage.

Th intention of the video was to juxtapose shots of Italy with an Italian-founded venue in Melbourne. However, as Tom Russo explained in a press release, things didn’t exactly go as planned:

“Our friend Jamieson Moore shot the footage of Sicily, Sardinia, and the Aeolian Islands on her phone while on vacation last year. The Aeolian Islands is also where my and Joe Russo’s ancestors are from. We were also planning to shoot the band playing in Eolian Hall in Melbourne (it’s a community hall founded by Aeolian immigrants). We got some practice footage but by the time it came to shoot the band, we were on lockdown. So it’s turned out as a kind of a love letter to a particular place.”

As for the track itself, “Falling Thunder” is a gently swirling indie pop track coaxing the listener into the ever-changing waves of time. “Down on the corner watching over liquid crystal simulation,” sings Russo. “Like a ghost at the service station in some far off fencepost nation.”

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Take a look at the “Falling Thunder” video below.

Sideways to New Italy is due out June 5th via Sub Pop. The album was previously previewed with the singles “Cars in Space” and “She’s There”.