Sadie Dupuis’ Sad13 Return with New Song “WTD?”: Stream

The Adult Swim single is about eco-fascism and human greed

Sad13’s Sadie Dupuis, photo by Philip Cosores

    Led by Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis, indie outfit Sad13 are back with their first single in three years. It’s dubbed “WTD?”, standing for “What’s the Drama?”, and is the latest entry in Adult Swim’s eclectic ongoing Singles Program.

    According to a statement, today’s track is the first Sad13 recording to feature live band members Zoë Brecher (drums) and Audrey Zee Whitesides (bass). Altogether, the three musicians serve up a bubbly, sunny affair complete with a solo sitar debut from Dupuis.

    Despite its upbeat nature, though, “WTD?” actually addresses rather bleak, apocalyptic subject matter. Per Dupuis, the drama in question here is “about eco-fascism, climate gentrification, and the depopulation of species, caused by human selfishness and industrial greed.”


    Stream the new song down below via Adult Swim’s player.

    Sad13’s last release, “Soo Bad”, also came through Adult Swim’s Singles series circa 2017. Dupuis and the rest of Speedy Ortiz, as well as 700 other musicians, recently signed an open petition asking Congress for more COVID-19 relief assistance.

    “WTD” Adult Swim Artwork:


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