The Drums Release New 14-Minute Song “Take Yer Meds (A Guided Meditation)”: Stream

A much needed bit of peace amidst this pandemic

The Drums

    In search of a little calm amidst this pandemic, many people have been turning to yoga and powerful reflection. In fact, meditation apps have reportedly seen a noticeable surge in use since the beginning of the outbreak (Headspace has been my personal savior). Realizing the importance of practicing mindfulness, The Drums has released “Take Yer Meds (A Guided Meditation)”, a 14-minute track that’s both song and meditative session.

    “I feel a lot of us, myself included, have seen this COVID-19 bullshit as a sort of awakening, a sacred stillness that offers an opening for deep spiritual shifts to occur,” Jonny Pierce, the mastermind behind The Drums moniker, said in a statement. This single is supposed to assist those “spiritual shifts”, as he explained further,

    “I’ve been spending a lot of time examining and honoring all the things that make me human and I’ve been wanting to offer something helpful during this precarious time we are all in. After a lot of emotional back and forth, I decided that I would make an unconventional guided mediation with some musical accompaniment. I’m really big on traditional meditation where you can let thoughts drift in and out and be transient, but I wanted to sort of turn the whole thing inside-out (or outside-in) and do a mediation where we are actually focusing on specific themes.”


    Pierce went on to describe “Take Yer Meds” as a “little journey” and reminder to listeners of “the power they have, their connectedness to the earth, and their inherent great worth.” Take deep breaths and listen in below.

    Brutalism, the fifth Drums album, came out back in April 2019.

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