Crawl Is an Apex Predator of the Aquatic Horror Subgenre

The Horror Virgin battles alligators, rising waters, and suspension of disbelief

The Horror Virgin - Crawl
The Horror Virgin – Crawl

“If you get stuck out there, no help will be coming.”

There’s a hurricane on the way. Seems like as good a time as any to finish up some home repairs. Kick off your flip flops, grab your crank flashlight, and join us in the crawl space as we try to defeat some “pea-brained lizard shit” alligators with Alexandre Aja’s Crawl.

Just don’t drop your phone.

Special guest Paige Wesley from the Cult Podcast joins The Horror Virgin Crew to talk about this gatortastic thrill ride. We’ll discuss dynamic pacing, aquatic horror, effective home construction, and the magical power of cargo pant tourniquets.

“Apex predator all day!”

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