Dolores Claiborne’s Well of Love, Sacrifice, and Domestic Horror Runs Deep

The Losers' Club heads to Little Tall Island with special guest Ana Marie Cox

The Losers' Club - Dolores Claiborne
The Losers’ Club – Dolores Claiborne

The Losers escape the chaos of the world and shack up in an old summer home on Little Tall Island. Of course, this being King’s Dominion, things aren’t nearly as calm and collected as they should be, for there’s been a mysterious death.

Join Randall Colburn, Dan Caffrey, Lara Unnerstall, and special guest Ana Marie Cox as they stare into the eclipse that is Stephen King’s 1992 psychological thriller Dolores Claiborne. Together, they fall into one well of a discussion.

This episode is sponsored by — you guessed it — If It Bleeds, which is currently on sale. As you’ll learn from the Losers, King’s latest collects four separate novellas that will take Constant Readers to intriguing places. One revolves around a rat, another follows a man with a vivid history, a third features a phone with a connection to the afterlife, and the final titular story involves everyone’s favorite PI, Holly Gibney. Order a copy now.


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