Stephen King’s Golden Years Goes Green In the End

The Losers' Club defeats The Shop as the 1991 miniseries comes to a close

The Losers' Club - Stephen King's Golden Years
The Losers’ Club – Stephen King’s Golden Years

    The Shop… Shit… We’re still in The Shop…

    Every time, we think we’re gonna wake up back in reality. When we were on the road, it was even worse. We’d wake up and there’d be Crews. Waiting. When we were here, I wanted to be there. When we were there, all we could think of was getting back to The Shop. We’re here a week now, waiting to get younger, getting softer. Every minute we stay in this room, we get weaker. And every minute Andrews squats in the bush, he gets stronger. Each time we look around, the walls move in a little tighter…

    Once again, the Losers are on the lam, painting cars and hitchhiking from town to town with de-aging janitor Harlan Williams. It’s the final stretch of Stephen King’s Golden Years, and things are getting crazy. There are sleepovers at grave sites, references to Captain Trips, kooky hippies with equally kooky explosions, and a total Poochie ending. Join Losers Randall Colburn, Michael Roffman, and Jenn Adams as they don some tie-dye shirts, fight the good fight, and take out The Shop once and for all.

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